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You pick the house you want and the term of rental period
House must be in the following area: Windsor to Kingston along the Hwy 401 corridor, Cornwall to Ottawa valley, Toronto with double tax (call us for details)
You are no longer at the mercy of the home owner or you credit reporting agency

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Rent to own is a real estate term relating to a real estate agreement, which is comprised of a rental lease and a purchase agreement where the tenant has the option to purchase the property at a fixed price at a specified point of time in the future. It is also known as lease to purchase option, lease option, owner financing or lease-to-own.

The lease resembles that of a typical rental lease where the landowner, the lessor, allows the other party, the lessee, to occupy the property in return for a monthly payment. A portion of the lease is termed monthly option credit that converts to down payment at the end of the term if and only if the lessee makes the payment on schedule without any defaults. The option to purchase the property usually states the price at which the property is to be bought and the date at which the tenant is able to exercise the option. A security deposit is collected upfront and held as collateral without interest until the term is complete, after it would be converted to down payment.

If the program is executed properly, it becomes an incredibly unique opportunity that only a few people have been exposed to across Canada. The best part however, is that this program literally transforms the financial destiny of those who get to participate in our program.
What type of person can have a chance at ownership??

So whom do we work with? We are NOT credit driven and our clients generally fall into at least one of the categories below. They have either…

  • Low or no credit score
  • Business for self and can’t show income
  • Collections, judgments or writs on bureau
  • Property tax or income tax outstanding, tax liens
  • Need to go into a consumer proposal, bankruptcy or not fully discharged
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